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Personalized Checklist
of Free and Low-Cost Resources

We Connect.

Fill out the form below and let us build your Custom Connection Plan

What is a Custom Connection Plan?

Your Custom Connection plan is created just for you and your unique needs by our team of Resource Connectors. Consider it a personalized checklist of free and low-cost resources that could help your business grow and thrive. Simply, it’s FREE small business help on Oʻahu.

How does it work?

Simply fill out the form and we will email your tailored plan based on:

  • Who you are: your business stage, industry and owner demographics help us tailor recommendations specific to you
  • Where you’re located: your zip code allows us to connect you with nearby resources and assign a your community’s Resource Connector
  • What you need: tell us where you need help or want to grow, and we’ll find the perfect resources for you

When do I get my plan?

After you submit the form, we’ll have your Custom Connection Plan ready for you within just five business days (again, totally free!)

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

Our team of Resource Connectors are here to help! Whether you prefer calling us, sending an email, or joining our community or virtual office hours, we’re here for your questions or to help you create your plan alongside a real person. 

Once you’ve got your plan, your designated Resource Connector will follow up with you, ensuring you have all the support you need and updating recommendations if your business needs evolve.

Resource Connector giving Oʻahu small business help




Our team can guide you through the information you need to create your plan. We're here and ready to assist you!